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Guided meditation and ritual to reconnect you to your soul

Your life is too precious not to live it magically…



Dreamweaver meditations deliver guided relaxation direct to your brain at levels at and below consciousness. They’re designed to put you into an altered state of consciousness, and there is nothing like an altered state for putting you in touch with your enchanted self. Especially when it’s done using a mix that can include spell-casting, path-working, hypnosis, NLP, fairy tales, myths, and dreams.


These high-quality, downloadable MP3 audios include fabulously beautiful music and the relaxing narration you’d expect from a guided meditation - but the best thing is, there’s no need to worry about learning any special meditation techniques.


There’s no effort required. You can just relax and listen as I guide you through a wonderful healing journey into the most peaceful part of your soul. 

Soft words and sweet music combine to lead you gently into the beautiful world that lies within you - Become deeply immersed in the colour and magic of it all. 


All you have to do is relax and listen while I take you on an enchanting voyage from the comfort of your own bed or comfortable armchair.




These themed audio collections are an imaginative, therapeutic and enjoyable way to heal body, mind, and soul.


Simply lie back and listen while they take you to a fantastical world where you can experience deep healing and come back just that little bit better than when you left. 

Beginning with a gentle relaxation, each guided meditation takes you deeper and deeper into peace and serenity. They’ll take you to a place where your own inner resources and self-healing abilities can help you to renew, restore, repair and re-energize every part of your body.


You can release stress and tension easily and naturally as you enjoy the unfolding story of your magical experience, and come back from your journey feeling deeply relaxed and totally refreshed.

They’re so easy to follow – all you have to do is relax and simply listen to a lovely, gentle blend of words and music that combine to give you a wonderful, dream-like experience, enriching and uplifting your soul, whether you listen to each track in sequence, or pick and choose your favourites.

ALBUM 2​ (MP3)



A five-minute relaxation session will re-adjust your emotional dial and help keep your harmony.

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