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Guided meditation and ritual to reconnect you to your soul

Your life is too precious not to live it magically…


These healing light meditations will help you to heal, restore and renew your body, mind and spirit.

Step into your little boat and sail over the calm, blue water to a tranquil island where you can experience all kinds of healing light – sunlight and moonlight, firelight, candlelight, even a magical liquid light. Each track takes you to a different part of the island where you can experience its own special magic.


  1. Introduction (4.40)

  2. Sunlight Meditation – rest, relax and restore your physical body on sun-drenched sands beside the ocean of tranquillity. (22.34)

  3. Firelight Meditation – shed your emotional burdens beside the warming flames of an open, driftwood fire under a sunset sky (25.54)

  4. Moonlight Meditation – enjoy a magical pool in the island’s moon-lit forest with a healing unicorn enchantment to recharge your vibrational energy. What more could you want? (25.59)

  5. Liquid Light Meditation – enjoy a full cellular cleansing under a captivating waterfall of pure liquid radiance deep in the island’s crystal caves (32.48)

  6. Candlelight Meditation – the golden book of your life introduces a gentle, contemplative life-enhancing meditation by candlelight to heal your memories and enrich your self-belief (29.40)

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