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Five Minute Re-set

This is short but powerful!  You can do it anywhere. A five-minute relaxation session will re-adjust your emotional dial and help keep your harmony.

Plus, you'll get the super relaxing morning and evening meditations.

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Morning Meditation

A ten-minute guided meditation to charge up your energy batteries and get your day off to the best possible start.

Surround yourself with a shining sphere of positivity and fill it with love, peace, and strength – you’ll feel like a superhero!

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Evening Meditation

A relaxing, calming, soothing guided meditation to help ease away the cares of the day. Drift off to sleep down a moon-lit river of dreams, or simply relax after a hard day – this meditation allows you to do either.


The meditation itself lasts for eighteen minutes, but if you’re planning to use it just before you go to sleep, there’s a further ten minutes of music that gradually fades away as you drift off to dreamland.


It is so easy to follow – all you have to do is relax and simply listen to a lovely, gentle blend of words and music that combine to give you a wonderful, dream-like experience, enriching and uplifting your soul. 

You can release stress and tension, feeling deeply relaxed and totally refreshed.


Beginning with a gentle relaxation, which will show you how to open yourself to the enchantment that’s within you and all around you.

"I know that magic runs through our lives like a golden thread, and that passion, magnificence, and joy are there to be grasped with both hands right now."


Carolyn Taylor
Enchant My Life

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