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Guided meditation and ritual to reconnect you to your soul

Your life is too precious not to live it magically…


These guided meditations will give you rest and relaxation for your body, mind, and soul. Go through the mysterious door and down a winding stairway into the magical garden. Here, you can experience all kinds of restful delights from an orchard full of stars to a balloon ride high above your worries and anxieties. Each track takes you to a different part of the dream-like garden where you’ll experience a different path to tranquility 

Included, are two meditations that allow you to drift into a deep, restful night’s sleep if you so wish.


  1. Introduction (5.33)

  2. Pool of Tranquillity - you can simply rest beside a beautiful pool in a tranquil walled garden. Enjoy the water-lilies, watch the dragonflies, and follow the golden fish as you go deep into relaxation. (21.11)

  3. Crystal Garden - this takes you to a wonderful jeweled world, effortlessly melting away any tensions and revealing to you a delightful, calming gift that you will always have to hand. (33.26)

  4. Cloud Garden - leave all your troubles behind you with a balloon ride high above the world where you can enjoy a dream-landscape and come back with a gift of peace. (29.02)

  5. Starlight Garden - review your day and effortlessly resolve any lingering problems or difficulties in a garden of starlit trees and butterflies. You are offered the opportunity to wake up after the meditation, but if you want to enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep afterwards, the gentle accompanying music continues, fading gradually away after fifteen minutes or so. (39.27)

  6. River of Dreams - take a relaxing boat-ride down a sleepy, star-scattered river, and bathe in beautiful opal moonlight. Again, you can choose whether to wake up, or drift comfortably into a deep, restorative sleep. (37.54)



A five-minute relaxation session will re-adjust your emotional dial and help keep your harmony.

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