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Guided meditation and ritual to reconnect you to your soul

Your life is too precious not to live it magically…


Books about ritual… books about magic… books about enchantment…

These books are all about rituals and how they can be used to enhance your everyday life. They’re totally practical and show you in precise detail what to do and how to do it – from simple morning rituals to help your day start well, to more complex ones that mark major life points. Simple to use, they are easy to adapt to satisfy individual needs and tastes. 

They are also all deeply tied to the idea of enchanted living and explore a wealth of rituals we can use to connect spiritually and emotionally with life – living and working in deep harmony with ourselves, the tides and rhythms of life, and to something beyond ourselves.

Rituals provide moments of serenity, moments of connection, moments of mindfulness. But most importantly, they provide moments of magic in our busy lives. Rituals anchor the spiritual in the physical world - use them in harmony with a guided meditation to truly enchant your life.

More titles are in the pipeline and will be coming soon – starting with The Little Book of Honey Magic. Why honey? Because it’s delicious, I love it, and it’s wonderfully magical – as you’ll find out.

Other books on rituals, magic and enchantment that will appear here in due course include ones on aura cleansing, space clearing, creating your high-vibration home, moon magic, and being a total Goddess in the office.

By the way, you may have noticed that Rituals for an Enchanted Life is written by Lynn Williams. That is me, honest – Lynn is short for Carolyn (yes, I know it should be Lyn – but it isn’t) and Williams is who I was before I became Taylor a couple of years ago.

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Rituals for an Enchanted Life

This is the book for you if you have ever wanted to slow down and find some meaning amidst the daily grind.

Clearly presented, with step-by-step instructions, this book leads you gently into a world where enchantment is an everyday possibility.


Discover the tools for regaining moments of calm, control, richness and fulfilment in your daily routine, including:

  • Rituals for a charmed day, from waking up through to releasing your worries at bedtime

  • Simple yet effective ways to attract positive energy into your life and your home

  • Rituals for cutting ties to the past and to nurture your future relationships

  • Alters for inspiration, channelling intuition and for bringing about change

  • Steps for inspiring creativity and happiness at work and at home

  • Celebrations to make the year amazing

Image by Sincerely Media

The Little Book of Honey Magic

(Coming soon on Amazon)

The sweetest rituals for love and success.

Rituals for love, potions for health, charms for beauty, spells for success – honey embodies some of the oldest magic known to humankind.


Associated with the Gods and Goddesses from the dawn of history, honey is much, much more than a tea-time treat. This legendary food of the gods has a multitude of uses in spells, rituals, potions and elixirs for everything from healing relationships to promoting deep, restorative sleep.

In this little book, you will find rituals for, amongst other things:

  • Bringing an extra sparkle to your looks

  • Soothing your soul

  • Attracting love

  • Keeping romance alive

  • Attracting abundance

  • Giving you the gift of the gab

  • Encouraging fertility

  • Aiding business success



A five-minute relaxation session will re-adjust your emotional dial and help keep your harmony.

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