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Guided meditation and ritual to reconnect you to your soul

Your life is too precious not to live it magically…


Well, I can’t bewitch you or entrance you, but I can certainly show you how to relax and open yourself to the enchantment that’s within you and all around you.


There is enchantment all around you, and more importantly, there’s magic all the way through you too – deep within your bones, right at the heart of you – and if you’d like, I can help you find it.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

Of course it would. And that is why this site is here. Think of it as a lovely, tempting box of delights just asking for you to rummage around in it and explore.


There’s all sorts of things here – things to read, things to do, but most of all, there are things to listen to.

Guided meditations here are designed to put you into an altered state of consciousness - and there is nothing like an altered state for putting you in touch with your enchanted self. Especially when it includes a mixture of hypnosis, spell-casting, path-working, NLP, fairy tales, myths, and dreams.

You can try a simple, five-minute relaxation for free. You can download an album of healing, dream-like stories, experience a weekend spa retreat in the comfort of your own home – complete with angels - and go on a transformational journey to a new, enchanting you.

Explore. Experiment. Most of all, have fun and try one. I promise you’ll like it.

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About me – oh god, I hate these things. This is the reason why I have never, ever, joined a dating site and never will.

Seriously, I have no idea what you want to know about me or what would be useful. If there is something, you could always email me and ask - – even if it's only what I have for breakfast*, or what colour pants I wear*

*Yoghurt and fruit – I'm disgustingly healthy

*Today, forest green – thank you for asking




I suppose it would be helpful for you to know that I've been a hypnotist for more than twenty years (well more than twenty years), and I'm totally besotted with trance, altered states, and energy states – especially where they overlap with shamanism and other magical, religious, and spiritual practices.

I know that magic runs through our lives like a golden thread, and that passion, magnificence, and joy are there to be grasped with both hands right now.



A five-minute relaxation session will re-adjust your emotional dial and help keep your harmony.

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exhibition designer, silversmith/goldsmith, job-search and career advisor, an industrial lab technician, creative-writing teacher, counselling teacher, life-coach, textile artist, painter, poet, 

short-story writer


I'd love to live in a Ben Aaronovitch  novel...Failing that, a Neil Gaiman one...or possibly a Terry Pratchett one (speaking of which, it was two years before I  could read his last book – because then it really would be all over)

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I paint weird pictures and make magical jewellery – look for them on Instagram

I also do Past Life Regression...

...and psychic development using hypnosis

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I put out free hypnosis and meditation stuff on YouTube

I'm really superstitious about magpies...

...and salt...

...and a certain number that I can't mention for obvious reasons...

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I'm a Licensed Paranormal Investigator and our ghost hunting group runs the world's most awesome ghost hunts

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I'm an INFJ, and a 4 with a 5 wing who wishes it was a 3 wing (well, what would you rather be, a swot or a performer?)

I started practising magic as a teenage girl

(yes, I know, who doesn't?)

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