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This site, Enchant My Life, is all about using guided meditation and ritual to reconnect you to your soul. It’s deeply spiritual and magical – harmonizing your mind, heart and spirit to awaken the enchantment within you and around you, and transform your life into the life that you desire.

Most of my work as a hypnotist and therapist, though, concentrates on the more functional life changes that people need. So Practical Magic is my other website - dealing with more practical, everyday issues.

It’s big on deep relaxation and keeping a positive mindset. You’ll find guided meditations, books, and programs for positive change using my twenty-plus years of experience, along with useful resources for achieving blissful relaxation and maintaining positivity every day. 

You can download packages offering support with issues such as stress, and weight-loss, and to improve your sleep – and, just as on this site, you’ll find single guided meditations you can download for free (in fact, you might even recognize a couple of them). 

You’ll find short, practical, useful courses and advice on a variety of life-enhancing topics, access to longer courses, and discover how powerful hypnosis-assisted mindfulness can be. And if that isn’t enough, if you’d like, you can book one-to-one sessions with me for hypnotherapy and MindScaping.

So if you would like some magic of the more practical sort, click below and give it a whirl. It’s still magic, but, you know, practical…

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